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Global Seminars

 Proposal and Review Process

Global Seminars are affordable, short-term, cohort-based programs that allow students to interact closely with a University of Minnesota program leader. Global Seminars use the host country as a classroom and are experiential and interdisciplinary.

Global Seminars have a dual mission to serve University of Minnesota students and academic departments in the following ways:


Academic departments:



Course Structure

Global Seminars typically consist of:

Global Seminars are designed for one leader to travel with a group of students. All programs work with organizations that provide assistance to the leader once the group arrives in their host country. Global Seminars have small budgets that are strongly affected by the addition of a co-leader

The Program Leader Experience

The Learning Abroad Center facilitates all on-campus and on-site arrangements, including academic and cultural advising for students; financial aid advising; marketing and recruitment; design and production of all printed materials; application and registration processing; pre-departure orientations; travel, room and board; classrooms and other necessary instructional support; and other related activities.

Program leaders are actively involved in the planning and recruitment for their program. Once on site, program leaders attend all course related activities in addition to teaching their course.

Proposal & Review Process

February 1 is the deadline for Winter Break and May Session Global Seminar proposals. Learn more about the Proposal & Review Process


For more information contact Sarah Tschida, Global Seminar Program Director.

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